Friday, June 12, 2015

Nikita Koloff Will #Pray4ThePresident on 07.05.2015

I am pleased to report that Wrestling Hall of Fame member Nikita Koloff AKA"The Russian Nightmare" will be joining us on 07.05.2015 to #Pray4ThePresident.  It seems pretty surreal that a wrestler who took the role of the a cold war era villain in the wrestling ring, would take the time to #Pray4ThePresident.  However, if you look to Nikita's more recent endeavors and his "Koloff for Christ" Ministry  and it makes more sense. 

More recently, Nikita and his wrestling / ministry buddy, Lex Luger AKA "The Total Package", have been focusing their efforts on helping men grow into well rounded followers of Christ through development of mind, body, and soul.   Check out this video for more info on the great work Nikita and Lex are undertaking:

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