Monday, June 29, 2015

Here is how one Church will #Pray4ThePresident on 07.05.02015

Here is how one church is planning their ‪#‎Pray4ThePresident‬ service on 07.05.2015. I know this pastor pretty well and think it is a great idea (I am biased though).

          Dear Friends,
In Clear Creek Baptist Church where I pastor, we are going to use the prayer guide on the web site for Pray 4 The President as a guide for our prayer time. You can go to the site, and down load it as well. There are five Scriptures on the prayer guide. On Sunday morning I personally am going to read the first one then lead in a prayer. The chairman of deacons will read the second one and lead in a prayer. Thee other officers in the church will follow in order and read and lead for the other three scriptures.
The more people we have praying in a concert of focused prayer that morning, the better it will be. I would love for you to let me know back if you are going to join us. When you are on the web site, you can join there and we will know that you are involved without emailing me back. Ask as many churches as you know to join us as well.
God bless you and God please bless America with a great spiritual awakening.

Homer Murdock, pastor
Clear Creek Baptist Church
9015 Ferguson Road,
Charlotte, NC 28227

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